Having varicose and spider veins on your legs can be a major setback in your confidence and limit your wardrobe choices due to the constant struggle to hide them. Varicose veins are swollen and enlarged blueish or purplish blood vessels that twist and turn and are most commonly found on the sides or back of the calf. Spider veins are smaller blood vessels, usually red, purple or blue in color, that are easily visible through the skin but are not raised.


There are many factors that cause these unsightly veins including genetics, weight, the use of birth control pills, hormonal influences during pregnancy and menopause, and occupations that require prolonged standing. Varicose and spider veins may affect circulation in the legs resulting in tiredness, achiness, heaviness and even (albeit rarely) blood clots.


At Lexington Foot Ankle & Vein we are on the cusp of the latest and most innovative procedures to eliminate spider and varicose veins. For milder cases, we offer sclerotherapy, a non-invasive, painless injection therapy.


We find that most cases are determined to be more difficult to treat therefore an ultrasound mapping scan may be performed to examine the leg veins and their circulation functions and determine the best treatment. By using endovenous laser treatment, vein ablation is a quick and minimally invasive laser treatment that requires no complicated surgery or hospitalization. The procedure can take as little as one hour from start to finish with little to no pain for the candidate. Another benefit to getting the endovenous laser treatment is it covered by most Medicare and insurance plans. We offer many financing options and work with you to find the best coverage for your procedures.



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