Degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) is the most common joint ailment to affect the foot. This wear and tear process can be caused by repetitive occupational activities, trauma, skeletal deformities that stress joints and flat feet.


Issues occurring higher up in the skeleton, such as spinal curvature, hip disease and knee problems can also be a major cause of pain and stress in the feet and cause osteoarthritis.


Podiatric treatment at Lexington Foot, Ankle & Vein addresses all of the complex issues that arthritis entails and treatment plans often include anti-inflammatory drugs, rebalancing the foot with functional orthotics and/or foot inserts and surgical management, if deemed necessary.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are effective in reducing pain and inflammation and Dr. Mauriello is dedicated to working with each patient to put together the right treatment and pain management plan to fit each unique patient and lifestyle. Dr. Mauriello believes in exhausting all conservative treatments first with surgical intervention being the final consideration.



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